DEAD ENDS, Do you wish to enter the forest?


Do you wish to enter the forest?

DEAD ENDS Introduction

DEAD ENDS is a series of night photographs depicting chaotic woodlands. A single camera flash illuminates what immediately lies ahead. A lost wanderer seeking companionship amongst an entangled landscape. Every step forward provides more comfort and clarity, yet confusion and fear remain. In these images, the natural environment and the digital representation combine. They reference pop art and painting techniques while remaining anchored in digital photography, as one can hardly distinguish between foliage and noise. Original photographs are decoupled into six colour channels, then rendered to bitmap matrixes. Collectors collectively share these different images, yet they all possess a unique fraction and will participate in the culminating curation of this dynamic collection. Every $DED ERC721 mint will be accompanied by a balance of $UP ERC20 tokens which can be used to upsample the images of the $DED tokens, adding more information and density. This upsampling process can be repeated five times and requires spending a certain amount of $UP tokens. The total amount needed to upsample an image fully will require combining the $UP balances of two $DED mints. The final appearance of the collection will be determined by the collectors’ choices, who can use the token’s attributes to inform their decisions.