Delphinus Lab, Gears for connecting web2 and web3.

Delphinus Lab

Gears for connecting web2 and web3.

Delphinus Lab Introduction

Delphinus Lab provides solutions for trustless computation and application SDK based on ZKWasm virtual machine. Programmable-NFT: A ZKSNARK-based layer2 solution dedicated to games that encodes the rules of NFT mutation rules into SNARK circuits so that secure and fully transparent economics can be built on top of the Programmable-NFT framework. ZK-WASM: A web assembly virtual machine that emulates the web assembly and generates a ZKSNARK proof for the emulation so that the execution result can be synchronized to layer1 blockchains. ZK-Relayer: Compile attestation protocol into WASM and run it in ZK-WASM to create a trustless relayer. ZK-WASM-SDK: A develop kit that leverages the power of ZK-WASM virtual machine which supports generic programming primitives: File, Database, ML, etc.