DEXTForce Ventures

DEXTForce Ventures

Powerful trading, research, and marketing community of DEXTools premium members.


DEXTForce Ventures Introduction

DEXTForce Ventures, empowering the DEXTForce community with opportunities to consider early stage investments. DEXT continues to follow the vision and focus that was outlined in the DEXTools Manifesto. A part of that commitment to the future of DeFi is to help entrants into the realm of decentralized trading by providing information and analytics that assist in better informed trading decisions. DEXTools focuses on a unique combination of providing data and information to our users while also building opportunities for projects to spread the awareness of their initiatives. One critical piece in the evolution of successful projects in DeFi is securing early stage funding to support the initial development, proof of concept and early marketing of their platform. We all know and hear of the “private sale allocations” that are offered to early stage investors and influencers but are generally puzzled as to how those allocations are secured. The DEXTForce is a powerful group of experienced, researched and committed DeFi traders and investors who, as a group, provide a significant interest and combined investment capacity. The DEXTForce is precisely the group of investors that early stage projects need to engage for these early private allocations.

DEXTForce Ventures Portfolio