The Intelligent, Decentralized Cloud.


DFINITY Introduction

Dfinity is a blockchain-based cloud computing project. Its aim is to develop a decentralized "internet computer that will become the cloud 3.0. The Internet was created by open protocols that combined thousands of independent organizations such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to create global connectivity. The Internet Computer will extend the Internet with protocols developed by DFINITY that combine independent data centers so the Internet itself can also play cloud, and provide an open platform for hosting software, services and data. The Internet Computer is a different kind of cloud computing platform. It is an entirely reimagined IT stack where software takes a new simpler form. The platform is formed by secure protocols rather than proprietary infrastructure and is tamperproof, and software can also be highly secure without depending on firewalls and VPNs. Software development and maintenance is simplified, systems are interoperable at the level of function calls, and autonomous software is supported, enabling the development of open internet services.


Alexa Smith
Robert Lauko
Martin Becze
Artia Moghbel
Dominic Williams
Matt Grogan
Arthur Falls