Dieter Shirley

Dieter Shirley

Co-founder of Dapper Labs.


Dieter Shirley Introduction

Dieter Shirley, Co-creator of CryptoKitties and ERC-721. Co-founder of Dapper Labs, Lead Architect of Flow. Our goal at Dapper is to bring the benefits of decentralization to a broad consumer audience by tearing down the barriers to access, while creating amazing entertainment experiences that are fun and engaging to anyone. He is co-creator of CryptoKitties, the first mainstream blockchain experience outside of cryptocurrencies. Currently tackling the many technological barriers that are keeping the benefits of decentralization away from billions of citizens of the internet. Working on Flow, a fast, secure, and developer-friendly blockchain built to support the next generation of games, apps, and the digital assets that power them.

Dieter Shirley Work Experience