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DACM's sole mission, with full transperancy and with no competing conflicts, is to provide institutional and family office investors with access to what we believe will be the future leaders in this uniquely disruptive technolgy. The digital asset sector and its leading constituent, bitcoin, have been one of the fastest growing and highest returning technologies in history. The disruptive potential of digital assets, and the investment opportunities they create, are a once in a generation phenomenon. Digital Asset Capital Management was launched to capitalise upon this opportunity and provide sophisticated and institutional investors with access to this exciting, yet very specialised sector. Digital Asset Fund, managed by DACM, leverages the technical and operational blockchain knowledge, and financial market expertise of the Company, and it's proprietary investment methodology, to focus on selecting the long-term winners from the emerging digital asset sector. Digital Asset Fund's mandate provides flexibility to capitalise upon unique valuation opportunities across the sector including selective investment in ICOs and small cap digital assets. DACM has also launched the DAF ICO Fund, an open ended fund leveraging DACM's unique industry connectivity to provide investors with access to seed and early-stage financing rounds in compelling, early-stage blockchain opportunities.

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