DLTx, Oslo Børs stock exchange, part of Euronext.


Oslo Børs stock exchange, part of Euronext.


DLTx Introduction

DLTx is a vertically integrated technology company building Web3 capabilities by deploying blockchain infrastructure at scale across major global industries to support the growing deployment and use of decentralized and cryptographic digital assets. The company efficiently funds and rapidly deploys nodes on the leading, disruptive blockchain protocol networks, with the goal of building funded and scalable networks to support the growing volume of decentralized, blockchain transactions. Senior members of the DLTx team have been in the distributed ledger industry since 2012 and have been at the forefront of developing and launching several of the most important protocols, including Ethereum and EOS, as well as the first blockchain investment fund in 2014. The DLTx team has been scaling mining infrastructure since 2015 and in 2020, founded, operated and listed the first-publicly traded company focused on the infrastructure to power Web3.

DLTx Portfolio