Digital Power Optimization.


DPO Introduction

DPO, Digital Power Optimization. We create profitable solutions for some of energy’s biggest problems. DPO helps owners and developers of power assets secure more value for their energy. We combine our expertise in cryptocurrency mining with your expertise in power generation — capturing over $100/MWh from electricity that would otherwise have little demand. DPO offers a proprietary Cryptocurrency Mining as a Service (CMaaS™) solution utilizing on-location, behind-the-meter cryptocurrency mining computers as highly profitable load-sinks. We do the work of setting up and operating the mine as a manager, with all of the upside accruing to you. We generate revenue only when you do — while offering 100% transparency on deal economics and mining results. DPO is unique from most cryptocurrency miners in that we are an energy services provider that acts as an ally to the energy sector. As your partner, we don’t try to buy your power for as little as possible — we show you how to make the most profit you possibly can. We work with your organization to structure financing options, equipment purchases, and ongoing operations in ways best suited to your needs and risk tolerances.

DPO Investors