Draper Round Table, Invest alongside Tim and his network.

Draper Round Table

Invest alongside Tim and his network.


Draper Round Table Introduction

Draper Round Table (DVN) is a web3 deals syndication platform by venture investing titan Tim Draper. NBA all-star Baron Davis and LunarCrush CEO Joe Vezzani will join as venture partners. It is a self-governing organization of independent venture funds that cooperate on investment diligence and co-investments, open to family offices, corporate venture capitalists as well as angel investors and solo venture capitalists, according to a company release. Investors will have access to the Draper ecosystem's proprietary deal-sharing platform, DraperX. Draper Round Table members will be get the chance to invest in Draper Network deals as well as share deals with the network for a carry bonus. The platform will leverage Aragon DAO's system for governance and membership management.

Draper Round Table Team