Drift Protocol

Drift Protocol

A lightning-fast and scalable perpetual futures DEX.


Drift Protocol Introduction

Drift Protocol brings on-chain, cross-margined perpetual futures to Solana. Making futures DEXs the best way to trade. Despite the decentralized nature of crypto, centralized derivatives exchanges still remain dominant - they're already fast, familiar and reliable. So far, the DEX trading experience hasn't met that standard. Slippage is high for large orders, transferring funds between platforms is subject to massive gas fees, and low liquidity leads to poor pricing. Drift’s goal is to bring a state-of-the-art trader-centric experience from centralized exchanges on-chain. We're a team of experienced traders and builders from DeFi and traditional finance working together to make this a reality.

Drift Protocol Team

John Dummett
Cindy Leow
Noah Dummett