When I drip you drip we drip.


Drips Introduction

Drips is a new Ethereum protocol and social network that allows anyone to generate continuous income, without relying on bank accounts or extracting platforms. At its lowest level, Drips allows any Ethereum user to stream funds periodically to any other Ethereum user, while also enabling collecting from multiple streams with just a single transaction. In addition, within Drips, creators & developers can also issue and sell NFT memberships, potentially giving fans unique benefits in exchange for recurring financial support. Using the permissionless financial infrastructure of Ethereum, Drips memberships are represented by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These memberships are available to anyone and can enable benefits across any application on the web that supports Ethereum (Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Snapshot, Radicle Upstream & many more). Fans can support and engage with their favorite creators and communities by purchasing memberships and/or by “dripping” funds to any address in the network in recurring configurable intervals. Finally, Drips puts redistribution at the center, allowing any Ethereum address to spread the love every time they get paid by specifying a percentage of their incoming funds to be automatically Dripped to other users. The recipient could be a charity, a software dependency, or another collective or creator that makes their work possible. We believe that splitting funds through Drips has the potential to become a new cultural norm and building block for a sustainable creative economy.

Drips Investors