Options & Perpetuals, decentralised.


dTrade Introduction

dTrade, Perpetuals & Options Trading on Polkadot. It is a decentralized exchange for derivative products built on Edgeware, a Polkadot Smart Contract Chain. The exchange is designed to function as a public utility, owned and controlled by the community of token holders. Modular, extensible smart contracts enable continuous upgrades and additions to the protocol. These contracts are open source, developer friendly, and built to leverage the performance and security of Substrate. dTrade will launch an insurance fund and offer perpetual swap trading in Q2 2021, both with early participation rewards. Traders will benefit from a seamless trading experience, familiar to that of centralized exchanges, no gas fees and low trading fees. The protocol for trading options will go live later in the year. The number of features and assets on dTrade will grow over time. Soon, we will be able to rapidly launch new trading pairs and allow traders to gain the exposure they want, whenever they want. This is just the beginning — we hope you join us in creating the future of finance.

dTrade Team

Dillon Chen
Nikodem Grzesiak
Rabeel Jawaid