ElseVerse World, An interconnected network of parallel universes.

ElseVerse World

An interconnected network of parallel universes.


ElseVerse World Introduction

ElseVerse World is an interconnected network of parallel universes. Live, dream, play, earn. By GamesPad. On ElseVerse lands, not only users will be able to build, but they’ll be able to mine valuable resources that can be used for growth and progression needed to maximize profits, and get ahead of the competition. Ever pulsating with energy, the city hosts sensational events, gripping competitions, and a real sense of welcome is extended to all those who yearn to be a part of this majestic hub of wealth and prosperity. However, outside the glowing blue-dome of the city, something entirely different greets visitors. As you look in and around the sharp grass-covered hills, one can feel a sense of oddity and mystery in the air. These hills are almost completely hollow, and hold a million entrances to the vast cavern system that no one will ever be able to fully explore. From the sky bars of MetaPolis’ extravagant skyscrapers, the mythic Ancient Isles are visible in the distance, with their steep volcanic mountains and dense jungles dominating the landscape. With the right-eye augmentation, one can easily spot the flying lizards above the treeline, constantly battling each other over the abundant prey below. Savage and untamed, much like the surrounding land.

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