Enzyme Finance

Enzyme Finance

Formerly Melon Protocol.


Enzyme Finance Introduction

Enzyme Finance, formerly known as Melon (Re-brand in progress). A fast & cost-effective way to build, scale and monetize investment strategies. It is directly inspired by our users and the DeFi community at large. We couldn’t be more excited to unveil it with you. Entirely new smart contract architecture: allowing for much higher flexibility with integrations and substantial gas savings. Upgradability: users can seamlessly upgrade to future Enzyme versions and access the latest protocol updates & features. 100+ Asset Universe: Enzyme supports nearly 150 assets to choose from when managing your portfolios! Lending enabled for Portfolio Managers: Users can enhance performance by earning yields on positions via lending protocols (eg. Compound & MakerDAO’s Chai). AMM pools enabled for portfolios: Users can earn trading fees by providing liquidity to AMM pools (e.g. Uniswap), thus enhancing their performance. Synthetic assets are live: Users can include synthetic assets in their funds including commodities and stock indices such as sFTSE, sNIKKEI and sOIL to name just a few! Enhanced trading liquidity is live: aside from our DEX integrations, we’ve also included Paraswap as an aggregator in giving fund managers access to much deeper liquidity and higher gas optimisations for trading. Bearish? Go short now!: Users can take synthetic short positions through the large range of inverse tokens provided by Synthetix. Engage with other users today: you can now add information about your strategy and team on your own personalised Portfolio Manager page, so that you can build relationships with your community of investors. Start farming!: Enzyme products can now more easily access farming rewards from external DeFi platforms via plugins. Delegating trading to a 3rd party: Portfolio Managers are able to delegate trading to additional addresses and revoke or change that access at any time, increasing their flexibility to manage their trading operation. Choose a benchmark you feel comfortable with: Pick which token to benchmark your performance against. Benchmark your performance against different fiat-pegged stable coins and more. Customise things your way: You can opt to whitelist certain addresses that can invest in your portfolio and set minimum investment thresholds.

Enzyme Finance Investors