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We have worked hard to bring to you a first class search, filter and sort experience so all Projects can be found easily and equally. Even if it was posted a while ago! We also removed the 5-star rating system. We switched to an Upvote System, no Downvotes, but ability to Report a Project. Existing Comments and Ratings will be merged and all 3-and-up-Star Ratings will become an upvote. Next we are introducing ‘Jobs’ - with the Jobs Platform you can hire from the core of the EOS Community, find likeminded people, get the best help for your Project and the support you need to build your Vision. We overhauled the design and tweaked here and there, we feel confident that you will like it. And we have even bigger, more exciting news for you regarding EOSindex.io utilizing the EOS.io Software - more info will follow.

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