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Epic War is the pioneer in 3D FPS genre gameplay integrating with blockchain technology that players can experience an extraterrestrial VR/AR environment and monetize from the collectible-in-game items. Having been incubated by Icetea Labs (known for founding GameFi), Epic War stands out from the crowd of all the so-called NFT games. Taking place in the Epicverse, it depicts devastating battles on the planet Kepler-22b where players will be playing the roles of armed heroes, called Epiceros, to fight back on walking-dead's and monsters so as to save the planet from destruction. Offering 02 option modes to play vs. AI and real people, players can either choose PvE as free-to-play-to-earn mode or PvP for thrilling betting-battles vs. other players 💪🏻 Moreover, Epic War owns a massive ambition in the near future of running as DAO system where players are allowed to design their own equipments, map, and even in-game character’s face can be customized by yours.

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