EtherScore, A decentralized reputation system.


A decentralized reputation system.

EtherScore Introduction

EtherScore is a decentralized on-chain reputation system for blockchains’ users and Dapps. Etherscore’s Soulbound Tokens / NFT Badges Deliver On-Chain Proof of Experience. EtherScore creates NFT badges based on a user’s on-chain actions. They are indelible and can be used to certify experiences, provide proof of an accomplishment, or distribute incentives to certain classes of users. User actions can include anything involving a blockchain, such as interacting with a DeFi platform in a particular way, belonging to a DAO, GameFi, or using a DApp. EtherScore’s Badge Factory allows developers to easily deploy customizable badges with parameters such as transferability, burnability, dynamicity, or supply. Any user fulfilling the conditions set by the developers can mint or receive an airdropped NFT EthScore badge and enjoy the benefits.

EtherScore Investors