Imagine music as mathematical art on an NFT substrate.

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EulerBeats Introduction

EulerBeats is an ultra scarce digital art + beat collection generated on-chain by applying mathematical discoveries of Euler. One of a kind.

EulerBeats, Imagine music as mathematical art on an NFT substrate.

EulerBeats is algorithmically generated art + music limited edition NFT of 27 originals and prints priced on a bonding curve. It’s designed to last a lifetime. Everything needed to re-create each masterpiece is stored on-chain on the Ethereum mainnet. EulerBeats bundles maths, art, music, royalties, and scarcity into a neat digital pack. It’s a first of its kind.

EulerBeats originals are ultra scarce NFTs and are capped at 27. Minting an original means that you are birthing a new art+beat, that you will own, based on the Euler's totient function. The token seed is generated on-chain. You won’t be able to preview the art+beat but you can experience it as soon as it is minted. The element of surprise is by design!

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