EvryNet, Intelligent financial service platform.


Intelligent financial service platform.


EvryNet Introduction

EvryNet, an intelligent financial service platform. Everyone can build financial products and services. We aim to create the leading CeDeFi financial service infrastructure in South East Asia and beyond. There are four key areas we are focusing on that we feel would be an improvement to what’s currently available in the market: 1. Interoperability — enabling Evrynet to work with other blockchain protocols. Initially, Evrynet will support Binance Smart Chain, Stellar, and Ethereum networks, with plans to include other major chains in the next phase. 2. Method for consensus — relying on the Tendermint consensus protocol to enhance the network’s speed without sacrificing security. 3. Staking models — the proof-of-stake consensus will also increase the use cases for the Evry token and economically secures the system. 4. Transaction fee scheme — our gas fee model is static (Evrynet’s governance procedures make it possible for this model to be adjusted in response to changing circumstances), which allows for costs of using the network to be predictable. We also allow DApps or enterprises to choose who pays the transaction fee. This will hopefully make it easier to onboard new users who will not need to already have a native token. Evrynet is a layer 1.5 protocol that combines a financial service portal, a contract network, and an accounting and settlement component. Evrynet will have a full-service operation with smart contracts at the heart of its network. It also simplifies third-party integrations by providing SDKs, APIs, and basic financial templates. We hope that by doing this, it will make it easy for users to be able to compose or customize smart contracts without any prior programming knowledge, making Evrynet the CeDeFi operating system for the future of finance.

EvryNet Investors