The simplest way to margin trade cryptocurrency.


expo Introduction

Getting short or leveraged exposure is now as easy as buying an ERC20 token. the first completely trustless way to margin trade. Expo is built on the dYdX Protocol, and will be the easiest way to buy and sell dYdX Margin Tokens. Expo will initially support Short Ethereum ‘sETH’, an ERC-20 token pegged to a short ETH position, and will add support for additional short and leveraged assets in the future. Using expo to  buy a short or leveraged token takes just three steps once you’ve connected to MetaMask: Step 1: Select the type of short or leveraged token to invest in: As a trader, you can select between different margin tokens. Step 2: Enter in the amount of ETH you want to invest: Expo automatically displays the equivalent amount of short or leveraged tokens (in this example short ETH) that you will be able to purchase. Step 3: Hit buy, confirm your transaction and you’re all done! The short or leveraged token is now yours. Expo integrates with the dYdX Margin Trading Protocol, and allows users to buy, sell, and manage Margin Tokens. The mechanics of the protocol (obtaining a loan, spot trading) are abstracted away from the trader, significantly simplifying the margin trading experience. Sources lending liquidity in the underlying asset from various dYdX lending partners. Sources spot liquidity from decentralized exchanges. Locks collateral into the position. Mints new short or leveraged tokens to give the user margin exposure. All users need to do is decide how much to buy.

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