A proof-of-concept for fair NFT drops.


FairDrop Introduction

FairDrop, A proof-of-concept for fair NFT drops. At 0xEssential we've been learning from other NFT collectible drops to determine the best way to release our collection Wrasslers. We appreciate that projects like ArtBlocks and Parallel are exploring different models to reduce the gas wars that happen on popular drops, and have been impressed by projects like Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult who used and shared some best practices. We're also excited about some platforms our friends are working on to help solve similar issues, like Nifty Royale and Chestr. We think we can add something to the conversation by offering this idea and reference implementation to the community. 0xEssential is committed to building open source developer tools for NFT projects. We are primarily focused on inheritable contracts that provide metaverse portability and utility, but any time we build tools for ourselves, we like to share them back to the community - a rising tide lifts all boats. Our ideal NFT drop is average user first - no FOMO or failed transactions, fewer bots. No drama, no whales minting 30% of supply, for better or worse. These are the key aspects of a FairDrop: Efficient, Timezone agnostic, Distributed randomly, Decentralized and Trustless. We took all of those requirements and built a system that uses raffles with a right to buy reward. Random winners get to mint NFTs at a fair floor price, wherever they are in the world, whether they're influencers, etherscan minters, bot makers, or MEV manipulators.

FairDrop Investors