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Fantom Maker is the first launchpad and incubator focused solely on the Fantom Opera blockchain, with the goal to enrich the entire Fantom ecosystem through the incubation and launch of quality projects. Combining transparency and a community-oriented launchpad, Fantom Maker aims to make its projects accessible to everyone. Indeed, the FM team will personally invest in all the projects they launch, to ensure the goals of the community, and their own, are perfectly aligned. Because it is often very costly to meet the investment requirements of most launchpads, access to newly launched projects is limited to big investors. This high barrier to entry excludes many members of the growing crypto community. They solve this problem by making sure that each of the holders will get a part of the allocation of the projects raised on the launchpad. There will be a small percentage of the allocation reserved for non-holders as well. Platform registration is simple: you can register using Twitter or Google or your email address. KYC for both their projects and customers. Projects are carefully selected by their experienced team with a winning track record (last year in Halvings Capital they outperformed BTC 2.49x on average and 12.78x at ATH prices). Possibility for the community to propose new projects to the team. Innovative “Guaranteed Allocation”: you just need to hold $FAME tokens and register when there’s a new IDO. You will get a guaranteed allocation based on your holding, on the total amount of staked $FAME, and the total allocation of the project. Innovative “Non-Holder Allocation”: even if you are not a $FAME holder, you still will get a chance to participate in IDOs by promoting the projects on social media. This guarantees access to their projects with no risk required. Secure environment for trusted partners and community members to interact. Trusted team with 4+ years experience in the blockchain space, partnered with over 200 projects. “Incubation Service”: Projects will have the option to choose a truly full-service incubation plan, in which they will receive maximum value from the team. This includes: advising on tokenomics, connections to all their VC partners, exchanges, KOLs, and service providers. For the best projects, they will even offer to provide market liquidity from team funds. Anti Whale system: If you hold more than a determined amount of $FAME tokens, your access to project allocations will actually decrease proportionally.

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