The Digital Asset Gateway for the Next Billion.


FASSET Introduction

FASSET is a platform for anyone in emerging markets to buy and sell digital assets easily and conveniently. Users will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies and real-asset tokens with their local currency on the platform. Fasset is an approved company operating under license from Malaysia’s Labuan Financial Services Authority as well as CBB's Regulatory Sandbox. At launch, Fasset will offer top cryptos like BTC, ETH & USDT. More coins will be made available in the near future. Sign up now to be notified when we launch our private beta. FASSET is The Digital Asset Gateway for the Next Billion. Buy Bitcoin, Crypto and Real-Asset Tokens with Ease from the First Regulated Fiat Gateway for Frontier Markets. The extreme volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make it hard to manage a safe,optimal portfolio. For the first time, you can significantly reduce your risks to extreme price movements by investing in real-asset tokens, which are directly linked to the stability of tangible real-world assets.

FASSET Investors