FERA Capital

FERA Capital

Founded by FERA Strategies.


FERA Capital Introduction

FERA Capital, Enhanced Community Driven Fund, founded by FERA Strategies. FERA Capital is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) venture capital fund. Representatives of the fund (DAO members) evaluate new projects, opportunities and potential partners. The DAO then decides on funding for the proposed projects. FERA was born as a private consulting agency, later evolving into a cutting-edge DAO helmed by industry veterans. Whether your roadmap is bootstrapping a new project, or undertaking complex change management measures, FERA has the resources you need to fill in the gaps. We aim to provide capital, skills, and critical resources to rising projects and teams through our investments. By leveraging our talented network of traders, developers, marketers and analysts, FERA brings strategic value and long-term support to our partners.

FERA Capital Investors