Flamingo Capital

Flamingo Capital

Miami-based VC syndicate.


Flamingo Capital Introduction

Flamingo Capital is Miami-based VC syndicate led by Chris Adamo, Adam Garfield, Will Weinraub, investing in startups creating the future of industries. Flamingo Capital sources top deals based on local roots, provides access to top tier founders across the country that have made their way through Miami and from our deep network of venture capital investors around the world. We lean heavily into Web3, blockchain, crypto and all things in the future of digital interaction. We are highly accessible partners, so feel free to connect directly with us. Click below to read our bios and get a feel for our experience in the startup landscape: We view each LP as an important part of the community. We strive to get to know all of you and engage in 2 way conversations to source/co-syndicate deals, provide value to the founders we invest in, and grow each other's networks. Should you have a founder we should meet, we encourage you to DM us to discuss syndication or have them submit their startup through this link. This is a true community as we plan to gather once a year in Miami, provide an online community to meet + engage with each other, and offer opportunities (in addition to investing) that can help everyone expand their horizons and network. We are collaborative by nature and if you bring us an opportunity, we would love to have you as a partner on the syndication across our community and be impactful for the founders we support. Working in tech startups for over a decade, all of the founding partners are assets to founders in scaling businesses, raising capital and leading healthy organizations. Being based in Miami has opened the doors to an extremely diverse set of founders and investors from all over the world. We plan to share our expansive network, extending access to opportunities that prior were inaccessible. We’re stage agnostic, as we invest equally across Pre Seed, Seed, Series A and later stage. Our plans are to open access to rounds that we ourselves are investing in or advising as we work closely with founders throughout their growth.

Flamingo Capital Portfolio