The home of Living Assets: NFT 2.0.
Share Introduction is the home of Living Assets: NFT 2.0. Evolving, Scalable, Multicurrency, Sustainable, Certifiable. Freeverse’s mission is to bring true ownership of 'living' digital assets (such as NFTs) into the mainstream, where users truly own their assets, yet permitting companies and content creators the right to control how those assets are used within their applications. To accomplish our mission, we have created a platform that allows the creation of 'Living Assets' - NFTs that can be traded freely among users, but whose properties are regulated by their initial creators. We go beyond the concept of 'static'-NFTs (collectibles) and permit NFTs to evolve and change according to how they are actually used. We're now opening up our patent-pending technology to permit any content creator to create and offer Living Asset NFTs that can be freely traded in our marketplace. We are funded by leading European tech investors. Investors