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GFX Labs

Build the crypto apps we want to use.

GFX Labs Introduction

GFX Labs is a crypto products company, building products they want to use. Eddy and Getty Hill started GFX after their exit from Grapefruit Trading, a Chicago proprietary trading firm, trading crypto. Tasked with running & building delta-neutral trading strategies, their niche on the team was onchain trading (DeFi). After three great years at Grapefruit, they decided to move on and build something of our own. They have three initial projects. Etherlands: Minecraft on the blockchain. This is the game we wish we had to play when we were younger. We want to empower players with ownership of their in-game assets and introduce them to the Ethereum ecosystem. Poppie: A DeFi powered credit card. The current crypto credit card market is saturated with custodied crypto debit cards. Users are selling coins, paying high fees, and dealing with taxable events…that is the antithesis of crypto holders. Poppie users post ETH (and 13 other coins) as collateral, and each time they swipe their card they pay with borrowed USDC. Poppie makes the process of borrowing against your coins seamless and does not custody your coins. Governance: Compound, Makerdao, Aave, and many protocols require ongoing parameter adjustments and improvements to be productive. They require constant economic risk analysis, contract auditing, developer tool maintenance, and protocol upgrades. Our focus is on Compound and Uniswap; however, there is a ton of work to do across the space.

GFX Labs Team

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