Good Games Labs

Good Games Labs

Innovative program developed by Good Games Guild.


Good Games Labs Introduction

Good Games Labs is an innovative program developed by Good Games Guild that aims of being an investment arm between the blockchain project and the cryptocurrency community, especially investors and users. Good Games Labs will act as the incubator of the start-up projects that have successfully passed a series of selections to become the Incubation Project at Good Games Labs. As an incubator, Good Games Labs will provide various kinds of training and supervision in terms of tech and business flow for incubation projects at GG Labs, so that they can develop into quality blockchain projects and can compete in this crypto-space. In addition, GG Labs will also help projects that are in the incubation of GG Labs to get support from reputable investors and partners of the Good Games Guild, both in terms of funding and sponsorship/promotion.

Good Games Labs Portfolio

Good Games Labs Investors