New Token Engineering branch that is focusing on governance.


Governauts Introduction

So you want to decentralize... now what? For TokenEngineering, tokens as an incentive and investment vehicle were in the center of attention so far. This reflected the need of most crypto projects aiming for a token launch, attracting token investors, and building first components of their cryptoeconomic ecosystem – or re-invent finance itself! Today, more and more protocols and projects are entering decentralization, handing over decision-making power to token holders, to stewards with delegated voting power, or even joining forces in a DAO2DAO structure. We’re facing new challenges, from defining the best voting mechanism to maximize community participation to fight collusion and fraud. To tackle these challenges, we can draw from fields like Operations Research, Psychology and Decisions Science, Political Science, and Governance. We apply data analytics, ML, simulations and formulate accountability feedback loops as we are shaping a new social reality.

Governauts Team

Jessica Zartler
Livia Deschermeyer
Nathalia Scherer
Jeff Emmett
Angela Kreitenweis

Governauts Investors