Heisenberg Capital

Heisenberg Capital

Heisenberg Capital was founded in 2013 by Max Keiser.


Heisenberg Capital Introduction

Heisenberg Capital was founded in 2013 by Max Keiser. Making investment decisions informed by his own experience with inventing market making technologies and deep knowledge of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space, the company's earliest investments were in cryptocurrency exchanges and payment processors. As the cryptocurrency market has evolved to include many platforms, Blockchain and tokens, so too has Heisenberg's focus. Our mantra is to support the best tech teams which includes the 'OG' bitcoin engineers and entrepreneurs who have matured with the industry. This approach has opened our investment aperture to include a few non-bitcoin related companies but, for the most part, we are supporting business ventures related to bitcoin͛s second and third layers, now possible post-Segwit adoption.

Heisenberg Capital Team

Stacy Herbert
Max Keiser