The creative world where everyone belongs.


Highrise Introduction

Highrise is the creative world where everyone belongs. As a community, Highrise has developed its own identity. Now, we’re giving our users the ability to create their own communities by expanding our vision to include an entire digital continent, parcels of which are available to own in the form of LAND where you can build towers with many rooms & experiences. LAND will be unique (non-fungible) tokens that exist on the Layer 1 Ethereum blockchain (ERC 721). Landowners will be able to build their own nations, cultivating a rich and unique identity by creating experiences, renting or giving away rooms, and customizing their LAND exactly as they see fit. The Highrise World is a true metaverse built by its users. At the center of the Highrise World exists the community you all know and love, which we are calling Highrise 101 (affectionately named after the brilliant Taipei 101). We intend this 101 to serve as a model from which you can build your own nation and community.

Highrise Investors