HitBox Games, More Than a Regular Ol’ Game Publisher.

HitBox Games

More Than a Regular Ol’ Game Publisher.


HitBox Games Introduction

HitBox Games is a Game-changing Publisher. It was formed by industry veterans to provide a transparent and ethical publishing option for dev teams worldwide. From premium to F2P, Indie to AAA, we work with all channels, platforms, and models of game publishing. In addition, our team has over 15 years of experience publishing games in China. We are an equity partner with a Chinese publisher and can ensure that every game published in the Chinese market is handled with the appropriate care; and, most importantly, that the dev teams are paid in a timely fashion. Connecting a game project with a publisher who will give it the time, care and resources it needs to fully bloom into a culture-making hit is one of the greatest challenges development teams face in the video game industry. HitBox was founded with one goal: to make this transition as seamless, transparent and easy as possible. Our ethos is that “happy developers make great games.” No matter the vision, our team is here to help our developers bring it to fruition.

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