HOPE, Distributed stablecoin.


Distributed stablecoin.


HOPE Introduction

HOPE is a distributed stablecoin designed for everyone, backed by crypto-native reserves. Facilitating secure and borderless transactions with DeFi. Its reserves pool will initially consist of BTC and ETH. Being decentralized, it can be used in anywhere by anyone, with all transactions available on-chain. Our long-term goal is to make $HOPE a payment vehicle, facilitating frictionless and transparent transactions in a polarized world. But in the short term, we want to make $HOPE a high-liquidity, easy-to-borrow, and universal collateral bridging DeFi, TradFi, and CeFi. The reserves backing $HOPE will be secured with many of the world’s most trusted custodians. In the long term, we aim to establish a distributed reserve system to eliminate the slimmest chance of a single point of failure. All assets will be SAFU. We are launching an all-in-one ecosystem of DeFi protocols, starting with the AMM-based HopeSwap–the gateway to the HOPE Ecosystem to facilitate the use cases and growth of $HOPE. Other protocols such as HopeLend, HopeConnect, and HopeEcho will also be released in the following few quarters. All ecosystem protocols will focus on providing the best-in-class user experiences for $HOPE’s use cases. An incentive & governance token $LT (Light Token) will be introduced to incentivize liquidity provision and governance participation within the HOPE Ecosystem. $LT will empower more ecosystem activity, driving the demand for $HOPE, and again pushing up the value of $LT.