Horizon Finance

Horizon Finance

Decentralized Interest Rate Market Protocol.

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Horizon Finance Introduction

Horizon Finance focus on building out an innovative and unique interest rate trading platform for decentralised finance over the long term with the dual goal of:

1) Allow all decentralised finance participants to manage their APY/interest rate exposure; 2) Push forward the decentralised finance space via the build out of a key component of the ecosystem.

Horizon Finance v1 has the goal of building a zero-sum, fair playing field ecosystem for participants to soft hedge or speculate on any underlying interest rate stream. These underlying interest rate streams are represented as Horizon Finance Markets and could include things such as any interest bearing stablecoin, a staked BPT or something that has yet to be released into the defi wild. By trading on Horizon, users will be able to either actively compete to outperform (or underperform) the underlying interest rate stream or take a more passive approach to achieve a fixed interest rate that they are comfortable with.

Our goal is to build a platform that does not require over-collateralization, avoids impermanent loss for participants and eliminates the risk of protocol breakdown via excessive unfunded fixed liabilities while simultaneously creating accurate weighted average market wide interest rates. Horizon Finance is intended to sit on top of other defi protocols, acting symbiotically to the rest of the ecosystem and allowing for a more efficient space to be built.

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