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Hubble Protocol is borrowing, lending and structured Products on Solana. It launches borrowing protocol, later evolving into a more utility-rich platform for structured products and under-collateralised lending. Our introduction today details ‘Phase 1’, the borrowing protocol, which is designed to allow long term hodlers of crypto assets to unlock liquidity, increase capital efficiency and earn yield at the same time. Users will achieve this by taking out a zero-interest loan against their multi-asset collateral, with no recurrent interest payments, or maturity. There will be only an upfront 0.5% fee and, in turn, users will receive USDH, Hubble’s native dollar-pegged stablecoin. With their USDH in their hand, users are free to deploy it in any way they wish around the Solana ecosystem or wider market. What makes Hubble even more attractive is the ability to deposit multiple assets as collateral, decreasing liquidation risk and earning yield on this collateral while the loan is active — this means users keep both the upside of their tokens and the yield they bears!

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