Distribution, community, mentorship, talent, and funding.


HYPER Introduction

HYPER is an early-stage venture firm focused on the things modern startups need most: distribution, community, mentorship, talent, and funding. We invest in a small number of startups four times per year. Each company gets $300k in funding along with access to Hyper’s unique features, like our partner and mentor network as well as participation in our 8-week-long founder program. We’ve partnered with great investors and powerful platforms — including AngelList, Product Hunt (our sister company), and Sequoia Capital — to help Hyper companies break through the noise. And more are on the way. At Hyper, we focus a lot of energy on the venture part of venture capital. Why? Because more than a billion dollars is invested into startups every single day. There’s a ton of money out there. But to successfully build, grow, and run a company in today’s ecosystem, founders need a way to break through the noise.

HYPER Portfolio