iconomy, Partners for the internet economy.


Partners for the internet economy.


iconomy Introduction

Founded in 2018, iconomy is a Berlin and Munich-based boutique advisory firm with a tailor-made portfolio to support the European tech ecosystem. iconomy grew out of a leading Berlin-based think tank and its work on behalf of the German and European tech ecosystem. That’s why we are passionate about giving the most innovative challengers & initiators a chance at claiming their fair share of the global internet economy. With its hands-on approach, established networks and diverse team, iconomy supports some of the most promising and innovative teams, products and technologies and helps them find their way into the market, tell their story, make the right decisions and find the right partners in their most important and business-critical moments - from fundraising to strategic business development; from policy support to community building. iconomy’s work spans multiple verticals with a special passion for Crypto, Fintech, Health Tech, VR & AR, Privacy and AI.

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