IGNISVC, Providing Valuable Resources for Potential Projects to Grow Together.


Providing Valuable Resources for Potential Projects to Grow Together.


IGNISVC Introduction

IGNISVC provides valueable resources for potential projects to grow together in blockchain industry. As a leading crypto investment firm, IgnisVC provides the most efficient methods to approach into Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry without hassle. Our exceptional professionals carefully select the potential projects among few hundreds, which makes us to get more privilege in the industry. We have our affiliates and alliance in China, Thailand, Japan, UK, Australia, and Vanuatu. And with our partners, IgnisVC has invested and incubated over 150 projects since 2016. Our alliance consists of a group of well-known people, team, and institutions, who and which can bring an outstanding performance and resources to build powerful ecosystem both in project-wise and development wise. IgnisVC is not just only the investment firm but working together with the projects for further growth by dedicating its valuable resources from experiences and networks. Without a doubt that the blockchain and cryptocurrency is changing the future of our living standards, IgnisVC promises that we will march pari passu with the industry growth.