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Let us put your Tezos to work! We put up 100% of the bond, bearing full risk while your coins never leave your wallet! For a limited time, we are offering a low (for a limited time only), 15% delegation service fee. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of an infrastructure investment & development company, Solariant Capital ( Our baking services are professionally run by network, system, and software engineers. Our bakers are safely located inside firewalls only accessible via Virtual Private Network (VPN). Only the network traffic required for baking is allowed via Network Address Translation (NAT). Even after connecting to our VPN, One-Time Password (OTP) and secure key are required to access the bakers. Redundancy is the key. We are utilizing two separate networks from two different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with bakers running on separate systems. Our notification system allows us to keep our bakers running 24/7.

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