Decentralized Finance Made Interoperable.

Interlay Introduction

Decentralized Finance Made Interoperable. Use any asset on any DeFi platform. Fast. Secure. Trustless. At Interlay, we envision a future where permissioned and permissionless blockchains, regardless of design and purpose, can seamlessly connect and interact. Specifically, the open-source XCLAIM framework allows users to move assets across public/permissionless blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in a trustless manner. Enterprises, on the other hand, can utilize XCLAIM to execute settlements across different permissioned ledgers, choosing from a palette of possible trust models based on use case and required security. We are a team of PhD candidates from Imperial College London, who have been working and publishing on blockchain security, interoperability and game theoretic principles for the past 4-5 years. As such, at Interlay we take a research-driven approach: our product designs are bleeding-edge tech but are also backed by peer-reviewed, top-tier scientific publications.

Interlay Team

Dominik Harz
Alexei Zamyatin
Daniel Perez

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