Jahed Momand

Jahed Momand

Operator-investor building the web3 regenerative economy.


Jahed Momand Introduction

Jahed Momand is an operator-investor focused on new governance and coordination technologies primarily in the Cosmos internet of blockchains. He's a core steward of PrimeDAO, making it easier for DAOs to cooperate via smart contracts, and before web3 was a founder of a dev tool startup that was recently acquired. I co-founded Cerulean Ventures with my partner Matthew Stotts. Cerulean Ventures backs crypto / web3 companies building the infrastructure and tools necessary to scale climate impact in this decade. We take a deeply hands-on approach informed by our own experience and background as founders, helping our portfolio with everything from the technical (mechanism design, product management, data engineering) to marketing and operational (community engagement, governance, tokenomics design, recruiting). I also actively contribute to DAOs, as a steward to both PrimeDAO and GnosisGuild.

Jahed Momand Work Experience