James Gong

James Gong

Founder of Longhash.

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James Gong Introduction

Founder of Longhash and ChainB, and nickname 'Baozou Gongqinwang' is familiar to many people in the blockchain field. Mathematics major and quite skilled in various IT technologies, as well as financial securities analysis.

Many years of work experience in IT and financial industry, and have devoted in financial service research in D'Long (an international strategicinvestment company) for a very long time. Started to work in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in 2012, and have engaged in the promotion of its development. Translated and written a large amount of documents related to blockchain projects and the white paper. Besides, published several works, for example, The cryptocurrency, and Blockchain--The Blueprint of New Economy. Also made many keynote speeches on theannual Global Digital Currency Summit and invested in several blockchain projects and digital assets, showing a great impact on blockchain industry.

James Gong Work Experience

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