Jannis Pohlmann

Jannis Pohlmann

Tech Lead & Co-Founder of The Graph.


Jannis Pohlmann Introduction

Jannis Pohlmann is the Co-Founder and Engineering Lead at Edge & Node and former Co-Founder and Tech Lead of The Graph, who invented or created many of its signature technologies and protocols. He has over 20 years of experience in software development. Throughout his tenure, he has acquired deep knowledge in numerous areas ranging from operating and embedded systems, Linux desktop soft- and middleware, fullstack web development and DevOps to blockchains and, generally, decentralized systems. As a subject matter expert in open source and communities, Jannis has become an experienced and thoughtful leader. He believes that today's web is broken and that decentralization can fix it by providing long missing incentives and by putting individuals in control instead of corporations. He also believes that protocols such as The Graph will transform the way the data is organized - collectively - and that the launch of The Graph Network is just the beginning of a protocol that is helping to power a new, better web.

Jannis Pohlmann Work Experience