Jared McCluskey, Founder of The Mirror.

Jared McCluskey

Founder of The Mirror.


Jared McCluskey Introduction

Jared McCluskey is Founder of The Mirror: The Real-Time Game Development Platform. Startup Advisor. Venture Partner. I'm currently building The Mirror, the real-time game development platform. I also write about tech startups, philosophy, coding, personal development and more at https://jared.bio and am a venture partner/scout for multiple VCs - feel free to reach out with a deck if you're raising a round! I wear many hats, from strategic advisement to in-depth coding sprints to conference speaking to university-level teaching. I began my professional work at SpaceX in 2015 in a dual finance and coding role and later went on to found Simple Personal Finance. I transitioned SimplePF into Foxfire Rapid App Development, providing technology, strategy, and operations consulting for numerous organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to seed-stage startups. I then began teaching at the University of Denver as an Adjunct in their full-stack development course and wrote Angular/TypeScript curriculum for multiple universities through serving as a Subject Matter Expert for 2U in their enterprise development program. In 2018, I joined Decision Pointe Solutions as VP of Engineering and later Head of Product, repurposing criminal intelligence analysis software inherited from the Defense Intelligence Agency to be used in legal contexts. After continued work with Decision Pointe and consulting as Foxfire Consulting, I joined the OpenStore team in Miami, FL as the 2nd engineering hire and eventually founded The Mirror.

Jared McCluskey Work Experience