Jason D. Whitmire

Jason D. Whitmire

General Partner at BlueYard Capital.


Jason D. Whitmire Introduction

Jason Whitmire is Co-founder at BlueYard Capital, lucky and inspired to be able to work with and help founders every day. Invested at early stage in a wide variety of technology startups that are re-thinking entire industries and creating new markets: e.g. the creation of a new web stack (Protocol Labs, IPFS, OpenBazaar, Oscoin.io, ZeppelinOS...); the untangling of financial services (AirTM.io, Decred.org, Centrifuge.io...), the unbundling of the knowledge worker stack (Pitch.io, StdLib.com, Vectary, Wunderlist...); planetary sustainability (Carto.com, Meatable.com, Spaceknow.com...); as well as selected consumer and enterprise networks and platforms (EyeEm.com, Rapidminer.com, Seerene.com, Socialbakers.com, https://Peak.Games...). Jason Whitmire was a Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital where he focuses on Cloud Computing, Analytics, Digital Media and Mobility. Jason has built and led two companies to global leadership. Until June 2010 he served as General Manager & Vice President at Wind River Systems, where he founded and managed the company's high growth mobile business (which according to the Wall Street Journal was the motivation behind Intel's acquisition of Wind River for $884 million in July 2009). Since the acquisition Jason has also advised Intel on its mobile software strategy. Previously Jason was shareholder and Managing Director of open source real-time Linux provider FSMLabs Inc. and played a key role in its acquisition by Wind River in 2007. At FSMLabs Jason ran the company's global business, growing it to serve over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Prior to that Mr. Whitmire co-founded the software business at Infineon Technologies, where he led the global licensing business for Infineon's wireless software subsidiary, Comneon GmbH. During his four years at Infineon Jason helped build Comneon into one of the fastest growing mobile device software companies in history (100 million devices shipped). Earlier, Jason served in a variety of director level and management roles including Director of Product Management at Group 3G UMTS (Telefonica / Sonera MVNO) and Head of European Business Development at a subsidiary within the Telecom Italia / SEAT group. Before that, Jason served in various public policy positions in the United States. Jason is a prominent industry speaker and evangelist on Cloud Computing, Open Source, the Mobile Internet and Web 2.0 segments. He was a PhD student at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and has an MBA and Master and Bachelor degrees.

Jason D. Whitmire Work Experience