JD Gagnon

JD Gagnon

Co-Founder of Rome Blockchain Labs.


JD Gagnon Introduction

JD Gagnon is Co-Founder and Founding Partner at Rome Blockchain Labs, Chief Executive Officer at Diamond Rock, Founder / CEO at Blockstreet Network. Formerly, Chief Strategy Officer at Etheralabs. After running several successful startups and businesses, JD founded Scotch and Ramen Media in 2017. With a background in digital, social, and commerce marketing, he saw there was a major gap in the marketplace for medium-sized companies who needed the in-house experience from an outside team. Passionate about processes, systems, and optimization, he is the champion of this carefully selected team of marketing and branding experts. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, he is a husband, father of three and official “rainmaker” of Scotch & Ramen.

JD Gagnon Work Experience