Jess Lozano-Schmitt

Jess Lozano-Schmitt

Investor at Vizn Ventures.


Jess Lozano-Schmitt Introduction

Jess Lozano-Schmitt is Investor at Vizn Ventures. Global nomad using my exposure to create a more equitable world through business.” I was born in Germany to a Spanish Hotel Manager and a German Teacher and grew up throughout Southeast Asia, Western Europe, The Caribbean, and North America.* As a kid, I went to 14 Schools and mostly emerging markets which gave me a diverse understanding of the world and global equality. That is why I started my social entrepreneurial journey, starting ventures since age 15 in Vietnam, The Dominican Republic & Mexico. On the professional end, I'm currently in my last year of a joint undergrad & Grad program majoring in finance and a master's degree in Business Analytics from Hult International Business School. While in college, I simultaneously interned, worked, and volunteered at 6+ Ventures, advising 11+ startups and participating in four fellowships within the VC space. Before graduating undergrad, I won 3 School-wide Awards, one national Award, and gave a Tedx Talk. As for the next steps, once I graduate, I'm hoping to enter the VC space as an analyst and become the founder of a unicorn! * Bali & Jakarta Indonesia; Shanghai, China; Mallorca & Madrid, Spain; Dortmund, Germany; Mexico City, Cancun & Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Montreal, Canada; Nassau, The Bahamas; Boston, USA.

Jess Lozano-Schmitt Work Experience