Joel John

Joel John

Venture Lead at LedgerPrime.

Joel John Introduction

Joel John is a Principal at LedgerPrime, a hedge fund that specialises in digital assets. We are one of the world's largest in terms of market-maker volume. He handles DeFi venture investments and special situations strategies alongside portfolio support for 25+ companies. In past lives - he has run a gaming company, helped with sanitation in government schools and researched smart cities, AI and IoT. Got into crypto-currencies in 2013 trying to build a remittance company. Back then, we used to do lending on Bitcoin. (RIP BTCJam). Switched to a full-time career in the digital asset space through working with Outlier Ventures as an early stage employee between 2017 to 2020. He is an early stage advisor with Covalent and Biconomy and actively been building a seed stage portfolio. More recently, he has also been spending time helping DeFi Alliance build their presence in India.

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