Jonathan Caras

Jonathan Caras

CTO at Lionschain Capital.


Jonathan Caras Introduction

Jonathan Caras is CTO at Lionschain Capital, Investing in Digital Assets. Navigating the Crypto Sea with a blockchain powered Antikythera. Jonathan Caras is a technologist, crypto enthusiast, futurist, Shakespearean actor, magician and drone pilot. For more than 18 years, he has passionately designed and developed technology solutions to enhance, entertain and delight. In 2017, Jonathan joined Craze as CTO and worked hand in hand with Kim Kardashian to design, build and bring to market the visual app, Screenshop. Jonathan co-founded Glide in 2012 and has served in both the CTO and COO role. He lead Glide’s Jerusalem-based team of over fifty, with the goal of achieving the company’s mission to make authentic communication incredibly accessible. He was also responsible for embedding a healthy, productive culture in the workplace. His experience in product vision, growth and execution has resulted in Glide being installed on over 20 million devices and millions of active Glide users around the world sending billions of messages using the app. In 2008, he founded appSTUDIO, one of Israel’s first mobile-focused software design and development studios, which specialised in creating engaging, interactive, and intuitive apps for Android and iOS. There, he led the engineering team to create more than fifty mobile applications. A skillful presenter, Jonathan has spoken about technology and culture at events around the world, in cities such as Jerusalem, New York, Dublin, Hong Kong and San Francisco. Jonathan regularly gives back to the startup community through his participation with local accelerators, startup hackathons and meetups. He also spends time mentoring those with an interest in the high tech sector. He studied software engineering at the Jerusalem College of Technology.

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