Kaden Zipfel

Kaden Zipfel

Building things on Ethereum.


Kaden Zipfel Introduction

I am a front-end developer specializing in React, with experience building full-stack applications and marketing pages. With my background in design, I have an eye for detail that allows me to continuously perfect my work. My passion for open source software has given me experience in a large array of diverse programming environments, whilst greatly refining my knowledge of Git. By working on a large variety of projects, I have become comfortable efficiently learning new programming frameworks and paradigms. Along my ongoing search for knowledge, I have learned the importance of several programming paradigms including functional vs. object oriented programming and error driven vs. test driven development. I have also built confidence in several languages and frameworks such as: React, Typescript, Node, Express and Sass. I am currently in search of a full-time position where I have the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment where I can continuously grow as both a developer and a person.

Kaden Zipfel Work Experience